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Excellence Of Execution Prod. Haunted Days

by Kid Presentable!!!

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came out the womb with a dope ass 16..and an even better hook umbilical chord around my neck that couldn't stop me/the truth is no one got me so I bottled up frustrations/And I sold that shit like dope , trying to get up on these stations/I'm a man of little patience/with my back against the wall/ and I'm swinging for the fences, watch these motehrfucker fall/I ain't waiting for no call/I'm creating my own luck/never one to catch a case, what they pinned just never stuck/open bottles in the trunk of this blue chip prospect/like Jordan no one better to run this triangle offense/no nonsense/always steady dropping gems/you can try and catch my shine, it's just reflections from the lens/don't give a fuck about no trends/cuz we set em/stay ill motherfuckers always causing bedlam/I live just to offend them/I'm ripping through their tendons/I hear you ask your homies is Kp in attendance/and that's life/Respect is earned so wait your turn and get your facts right/when bridges burn its lessons learned dont touch my damn mic/I swear I must have been a Viking in my past life/ the only explanation for the bloodlust every damn night/ so how high do you really have to be/to ignore the warning signs and try to start some beef with me/how high do you really have to be to ignore warning signs... c

Sink or swim/I don't know where to begin/the ship I'm in capsizing, still I'm racking up ithese sins
The waters steady rising it's a burial at sea
Valkyrie on the horizon, pour another one for me

And for the second act you can sit percolate/ while I make these moves on bitches that fronted and used to hate/well now there's just no debate/I dangle these song like bait/I wait till they stop movement and strike em just like a snake/ make no mistake(faint rattlesnake rattle) I'm climbing higher echelons/always bringing my top form, no matter what the drugs I'm on/and that's a testament, survival of the fittest mindset/I deal in excellence, you the product of the standard I set/you a standardized test, my ego bigger than the galaxy/I know it's crazy but these thoughts just keep harassing me/I gotta be the best,nobody ever passing me/the pinnacle of penmanship/go ahead and find a fallacy/I'll wait, (complete drop) this shit be ringing true eternal/I used to spit that heat, but now I vomit an inferno/see you couldn't even fuck with half the outlines in my journal/cuz you rappers act like soldiers, fall in line I be the colonel/bayonettes stay at the ready/my aim be true steady/but I'd rather use my wits/slice you fools up to confetti/and so/you can call this hear the genesis/I flip the switch on stage and watch them crawl into crevices/ pessimist sit your ass down/there's no room at the top,so give me space while I'm all up in my sad clowns/ don't give a fuck if your bumping me on SoundCloud/can't even hear the beat the weed I'm smoking be so damn loud/can't hear the beat the weed I'm smoking be so damn loud/


released December 22, 2018
Produced by Haunted Days


all rights reserved



Kid Presentable!!! Los Angeles, California

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